Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insane message from Sandy Duncan sent by Jason Newsted´s "Woman."...

Mean message from Sandy Duncan. She is from California. She has a blog. After a few months we can now post this.

"You are seriously messed up. It is quite a life you have made up. I do not believe Ines exists. If she does and these are pictures of her, well, she is ugly. I think this person is really you, and if that is so then you are ugly. Where are the pictures of Ines with her famous Hollywood uncle at the premiers and where are pictures of her playing violin? And no dancer would have the huge thighs of this person. Look at ballerina bodies. They look nothing like your fat thighs, and they are very short, not tall. Never over 5-3. Nice try. Jason would not give you a first look if he met you. You are not a fraction as good looking as Nicole, or any other Metallica wife. Nut case. I think you need professional help. By the way most of Jason's serious girlfriends have been BLONDE Americans. Sorry, you lose. Loser."

Second crazy message from "Sandy Duncan".

"And one more thing, these paintings are positively awful. A joke."