Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gary Thomas Oconnor "Treeguy07" : You are OBSESSED with Ines Nigro!

Your REAL name is not Gary Thomas Oconnor. You are not american and your best friend is in Argentina working on a Tv show.

 You are a Criminal. If you do not stop talking about Ines, we are going on Television to talk about your REAL LIFE and you will end up in Jail. 

When are you going to STOP thinking about INES NIGRO? 

You insulted her, along Donna and Anthony, over years on the internet (chat rooms, blogs). Calling her names. Saying her life and her family is a "make believe" .  
Donna said she was going to kill Ines.  
In 2010, You said you were going to try to hurt Adolfo Nigro (he got sick in 2010) and make a Vendetta against our family.

 You are VERY insane. You are mental ill. You think you spoke to Ines on the phone cause you are crazy. You have no cure. You are a phyco. 

Ines does not know you. She does not live in Argentina. She has never chatted in her life. She does not have an email account. She never talked to you on the phone. 


Ines does not like wine. She likes Grapes, which it is not the same. She does not drink wine. She does not like white wine or Norton's wines.

You sent people to stalked Ines in Buenos Aires and Miami in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. And You keep knowing about her because you have men stalking her all around! You sent pictures of Ines to a poor woman from Argentina who sees the future, a "Gitana". 
Everything you do towards Ines is illegal.

You said Ines is not worth? Good joke. You are not worth because you are MENTAL ILL.

We know everything about your insane life. 

You said you own Yahoo? Good joke. My cousin from California owns Yahoo Company.

 STOP IT, because my family from USA owns Argentina. We are not afraid of you.

You are a clown, an insane clown. 

We are waiting you to die VERY SOON