Saturday, March 23, 2013

Message to "Madres desesperadas " from Argentina: Stalker Gary Thomas Oconnor Treeguy07 is living in Aurora Canada

Message to "Madres desesperadas" from Argentina:

The Stalker Gary Thomas Oconnor "Treeguy07" is living in Aurora, Ontario, Canada

He was living in New Mexico, USA, in 2012.

He was in jail. He painted a Lion and a Tiger there. He likes Art.

He is in a Mental Clinic now. He escaped once. We are afraid he can escape again.

He has a ranch in USA. He had 2 horses. He had a white one, but died last year.

He is from the Mafia. He has powerful friends. He killed people in the past. He raped women.

He is a pedophile. He is homosexual.  He is tall, fat and ugly.  He is 57 years old.

He was a Marine. He is a Fascist. He lived in MENDOZA and PATAGONIA, Argentina in 1993.


Do not let your children chat or be on the web.


Inuska Apffelbaum Team.