Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jason Newsted ex "girlfriend"? Niece? Stole a picture of Ines Nigro with her mother! SICK!!

Jason Newsted's niece?  NICOLE stole private photos.

That photo has copyright. The photo was taken by a famous photographer.

You can see the post in this Blog where Andra Florea and Doina (Donna in English) stole pictures.  Andra and Doina are Jason Newsted´s friends from "Rumania".   Andra is a Metallica and Jason Newsted fan. She posted Ines Nigro's photo at her Blog. Ines is with her mother in the picture.  Nicole told Andrea Florea to do that.

Nicole plays insane games on the internet. SHE IS INSANE.

Nicole is Jason Newsed's niece.  Jason Newsted is SINGLE.