Friday, October 9, 2009

Message to Anthony- Gerard Burick from Arizona and Santiago Mattiussi from Argentina: 3 metallica fans

We are requesting you to NOT talk of lady Ines Maria Nigro on the Chophouse records web. Ines Nigro made a lawsuit against metallica fans, metal musicians and web pages. Ines Nigro son is ill because of the abuse Ines Nigro´s family are having because of Jason Newsted fans who clearly hate him. Ines Nigro suffers health consequences because of this. Her mother is sick because of this. Ines Nigro has a big stalker who will be arrested soon. He was a huge metallica fan and he hates Jason Newsted. If you keep talking of Ines Nigro over the Internet ( chat rooms, my space, jason newsted page chophouse, blogs ) you are making Ines´s stalker to have information about her and make this getting worse. You do not know about Ines and Jason. So drop it and move on. Don't you all have a life to worry about?! Now Ines is going to sue the chophouse records and Jason Newsted will pay for this because you are mentioning Ines Nigro Again and we are sure soon you will post Ines Nigro´s photos, right?! I ask you to delete Ines Nigro photos and her name at the Chophouse Records. Jasonnewstedfans blog is fake. The problem with that blogger is that they are minors. We can not sue them. But by a Jury we are making this "jasonewstedfans" blog to be closed, delete the photos & the insane posts. But you can not request this. Ines Nigro has alot of lawyers around the world because of this. Let them work.
Nicole Smith says Jason Newsted has stalkers. Well that is wrong: INES NIGRO has a big stalker. Do not believe what Jason NEWSTED´S girlfriend says. She does not know about this either. Actually she was mean towards Ines Nigro for no reason. We have the mean messages Nicole sent to us. We know she sent people to talk very bad towards NIGRO. And we know many things you do not know about Jason, his past and his private life that Ines Nigro is aware. So please do not try to hack because its illegal and we need stalkers keep talking to see where they go so we can ask jury to send them to jail. We need what happened at jasonnewstedfans blog as a proof for the jury. Jason Newsteds friend hacked an email which had jury information. She broke the law. Ines Nigro is sueing because of this. Jury is taking legal actions because of this.

Now for posting about Ines Nigro at the chophouse records Ines had another call from the stalker. You are making insane stalker to make this worse. And you are Not helping Newsted at all. Because now Newsted will suffer the consequences of what´s going on at his web page. If you have a life, live it. Stay away from legal problems.

Ines Nigro stalker has mental problems. Ines Nigro is asking for a penal lawsuit. It means JAIL. If you FANS do not stop talking of Ines, she is going to sue you. You do not know Ines Nigro made a huge lawsuit since years ago. At the Chophouse people post Ines life, her photos and private things around 2003.

Please stay away from this. You know nothing. Not even Jason Newsted´s family. only gossip. Jason knows whats going on. Ines Nigro of course she knows whats going on. She does not understand it. Ines Nigro´s life was at risk.

Jason Newsted did not see the consequences years ago and he did nothing to help Ines Nigro, now he will pay for this. That´s all.

Thank You

Ines Nigro´s lawyer's Team.

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