Friday, February 12, 2010


-- escribió:

to LUNA email:

Holita my Moon,
> How are you today? I miss you. So, you really are
> going to Denmark? Do you
> know when you'll be leaving yet? I hope you're trip
> is a safe and comfortable
> one. I'm still here and thinking about you as
> always.
> Thank you so much for your support with my life
> changes. They seem to be
> working out so far-I think I can do this and do it
> well. I'll keep you up-to-
> date on what's happening.
> I think I'll be on line around 6 p.m. Barcelona
> time and will look for you.
> I won't be able to chat for very long, but I want so
> much to hear from you. Te
> amo, Ine. Be well and stay in touch. You mean more
> to me than I can put in to
> words.
> All my love,
> Ray

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