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Gary Oconnor Stalker in Trouble - Treeguy07s_beard was and is used by Donna

Gary Thomas Oconnor was reported to FBI a long time ago but they have re-opened a new investigation.

Donna Donaldson claims to be a "lawyer" from "Florida" and she wants to "sue" Ines's family.   Insane!
Donna is in love with this insane man: Gary Oconnor. He met her  online and he is asking advice from someone he met in a chat room. For some reason Oconnor don't go to see a REAL LAWYER from real life.  Oconnor has no real life (we know he is from the MOB). He has no friends, Oconnor only talks on the phone, chats, drinks beer, stalks women and makes webs around Internet.

Donna is the one who wished INES TO DIE and she is in trouble now, that's why she is afraid. She wants to sue Niro's family to get money. She is insane. Gary Oconnor and Donna met 10 years ago in a chat room, but we think it's an online relation ship. However someone from the FBI  do not believe this.  An Agent said that they can not only have an online relationship when Donna is going to be Gary's lawyer?  They don't know each other but Donna will help him with the lawsuit??

Oconnor needs a real lawyer and a real therapist, not an Online "lawyer".
Oconnor said Ines, her sisters, her female cousins were rude, insane, mental that they takes pills...  He is talking very bad about Ines since 1 year  ago and he is telling lies and lies to strangers. He is giving Ines photos to strangers from Argentina. He will be sued because of Libel. He started this INSANITY.

He is Ines Nigro's family Stalker, he called Ines Nigro's family members. He even called

He thinks every woman with an accent is INES.

Ines speaks english PERFECTLY, she has no accent.
Many latinas and french women living in USA reported him saying Gary Oconnor called them: "Ines" and  "Luna".
He sees INES everywhere.  He is obsessed with INES AND HER FAMILY.

Donna and Gary are friends, "online lovers".  Oconnor is asking help from her now when she wished Ines to die. We can sue her for this.

We wonder why Gary and Donna do not stop playing insane games, stop talking about Ines on the phone and they get to meet in real life finally and go on a date.  They are both insane. Maybe they had met in real life. Someone from the FBI thinks they are real friends and they work together. We are going to figure out his in 48 hs.

Donna is a psycho. Oconnor is a psycho. He does not realize he is mental ill.

It seems they don't like to know what they really DID.  This blog is made by Ines's family around the world: marines, soldiers, people who work in Google and Yahoo, journalists and The Media.  Part of Ines's family is American: very powerful (Hollywood actors and producers, Bankers, Politicians). They support this Blog. Ines has lawyers in her family in USA. Ines or her family does not need money to pay a lawyer.

Gary Oconnor is a stalker and he is ruining NIGRO/NIRO's name.  Gary reads a gossip from people who is just playing around online, he takes "that gossip", he makes it real, makes a TALE and then he spreads all over the Internet.

He said Luna killed herself. Luna was old enough, she was married, has children and she had an illness (heart problems).  Luna has never chatted Online. We said THIS before. You can find it in old posts.

READ ALL THE BLOG, not just what you want to read.

Ines family/friends/people/laywers/the Media are behind this blog. 
We said it before (in Spanish and English).

Donna uses Gary Oconnor`s nicknames ( ids ): Treeguy, Treeguy07 and Treeguy07s_beard (he is friend of "Dailybeard": NEWSTED). We are making an investigation to find out who (people from another mob) is working along NEWSTED, NICOLE AND OCONNOR since Oconnor said to a minor he was aroused and he sent a porn link to her. He was drunk. He has a drinking problem.  Newsted has drinking problems. He takes drugs. He made alot of illegal things in his life and to INES's family who are FAMOUS Artists around the world since 1920 (in Europa/USA and Latin Countries).

Stalker Oconnor keeps talking about Nigro/Niro. He is making webs, he is hurting all Niro's family members. This man gave photos of Ines to people from the Mob and to a cop from Seattle, Wa.
He is giving information to STRANGERS.  Its very dangerous.  It has been a year and he keeps doing this.

He talks of Ines all the time. We have his phone calls. He changed his home phone number when we reported him to Cops/Fbi/Lawyers and in this Blog.

He is getting sue but we want him in Jail (we'are sure he will do Community Service since he is mental ill).  But we won't stop until  we see him in Jail or in a Mental Hospital. He was in Jail in the past.
He is a lunatic.  He was analyzed by many therapists when he was in Jail. People who has this kind of insanity think  that "they are fine and they are perfect."

We have emails he sent to Ines's family husband saying that "he loves Ines even he does not know her (he said this last june, 2009)". He said, "he was going to take Ines away from her husband. He said Ines's husband did not understand love."

He is mental ill because noone talks like this about love or life. Reading his emails and chats scripts we realize how sick he is.

He almost rape in the past, he said it to a Laywer from California when he was in jail (in the past). We got his phone calls from 2009 and 2010. He screams at women in a scary way. He needs medicine, he suffers from Schizophrenia.

He can't go to Argentina and European countries.

We hope the FBI will find him soon.

Stalking or Pedophilia are Federal Crime in the United States therefore is the jurisdiction of the FBI.

We are recording him. His Fantasy is: " To have Ines"He did this before in the past (many times) with other women.
Ines is a well known Artist so people had fake ids in my space/ facebook/emails and they said they were "INES".  But that's not our fault.   Every day we find a person making a fake account of a famous person from USA or Argentina. Even Stars from Hollywod can not stop it.

Right now there's a "nigro_ines" on Facebook and we don't know who she or he is and where they are from. It will take months to find out.

We can stop Oconnor  because he calls INES or her FAMILY on the Phone. We can Stop Oconnor because he sent GIFTS to Ines Nigro's family Home in Argentina. We do know who gave Oconnor Ines's Family phone numbers and this person is in Jail now. He posted Ines's cell phone at Forum, link:
The Owner from this Web took days to remove Ines cell phone number.

How ever we don't believe in Gary Oconnor, he stalks all Ines's family and made Tales about Ines so it's all his fault.

Gary Oconnor emailed Jason Newsted, his female friends, male friends, Jason's brother saying Luna was going to die on Newsted's yard! Insane!!  Why did Oconnor emailed Newsted??  Are they friends??  Why did Oconnor emailed Nicole?? 

Gary Oconnor  hears/reads a gossip or a joke and he makes from it something REAL. He is addicted to CHAT and INTERNET.

We also found out that Gary Oconnor had a fake profile on yahoo to chat, named:
"Nigro_Ines". So he made many illegal things such like this, so he can not sue a thing. Oconnor, Nicole Smith Slager Newsted and Donna Donaldson hacked E-mails and Facebook accounts.  And it's illegal.

Only Yahoo and Google Companies can shut down profile accounts.

Ines's family members work for Yahoo and Google Company. So we know everything.

We hope they find this man soon, they know where he is living now. All this is going to be over because Gary Oconnor made Ines's family sick. He talks of Ines in chat rooms and gives private information/photos to strangers.  Knowing from which kind of Family Ines comes from is really dangerous what he is doing...

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