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Jason Newsted allowed from 2000 to 2010 to defamer Ines Nigro and Her Family at his Page: Chophouse Records. Jason Newsted is Banned to go to South A.

Jason Newsted allowed from 2000 to 2010 to defamer Ines and her family at his Page: Chophouse Records.

Jason, ya sabes que Ines tiene a la
Fuerza Aérea de Estados Unidos...

Dana, Donna, tu amiga que es enferma mental esta mirando el Blog en este mismo momento. Deja de mandar a Diana. Jason, ahora Tu mandaste a Diana a ventilar sobre Ines Nigro y sobre tu "relacion" con Ines Nigro en YOU TUBE, y ahora todos estan hablando de Ines. Esto ya lo hiciste en Tu Web, en el 2003. Jason, tu llevaste a Ines a Internet en el 2003, pusiste sus fotos.

Mandaste a Nicole Smith Newsted y a Donna Donaldson a decir cosas sobre tu "Relacion" con Ines al Foro de y en el Foro newstedfans Journal (difamaste a Ines y Adolfo Nigro de una manera Enferma).

Tu Obsesion por La Familia Nigro (Niro, De Niro) es INCURABLE...  Tenemos tus emails, tus llamados telefonicos...  Te seguimos grabando. Segui hablando de Ines, nosotros te seguimos grabando. Los primos de Ines de Europa y Estados Unidos, que son Militares, siguen cada paso que das...

Por ultimo deja de tratar de ubicar a Hernan y a Matias (amigos de un primo de Ines) que estan en San Francisco.


Mira el Video de In The Name of The Father y deja de acosar a Ines, tu amiga Donna esta en este momento mirando el Blog, esta en Miami, habla Español perfecto, seguro te esta haciendo una traduccion de todo esto en este momento, igual algo entendes de Español, o usas el Google Translator ya que sos Adicto a Internet, no dormis, no haces nada y estas las 24 horas en Internet especialmente en los Blogs y en You Tube- Deja de defenderte en Internet, ya sabemos que sos vos, y deja de decir: "Hello Ines", como si ella te vaya a leer, sabes muy bien que INES no entra a Internet...   Por suerte en esos Blogs de San Francisco de tu Arte Psicotico te borraron todo viste? Ya les avisamos que eras vos mismo escribiendo sobre Ines, sobre Jorge Rial, sobre la Vendetta contra ellos, se nota tu modismo a tal punto que mucha gente te dijo que eres Vos mismo defendiendote en esos Blogs del Diario de San Francisco donde esta Tu "Arte" Psicotico. Que enfermo que estas Jason!


Ines Nigro's Family from United States of America made lawsuit against Jason Curtis Newsted.

Jason Curtis Newsted banned to go to Argentina - If he goes to Argentina he will be arrested.

It does not matter if Ines Nigro and Her Husband are in United States of America,
Jason Curtis Newsted is banned to go to Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil.

Ines Maria Nigro has got a restraining order against Jason Curtis Newsted.

Jason Newsted allowed from 2000 to 2010 to defamer Ines and her family at his Page: Chophouse Records.

A restraining order is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another person. It is also sometimes called a Protection Order, Order of Protection, Protection from Abuse Order, Police Protection, Protective Order, Non molestation order or some other similar name.

Restraining order/protection order laws establish who can file for an order, what protection or relief a person can get from such an order, and how the order will be enforced. While there are differences from state to state, all protective order statutes permit the court to order the abuser to stay away from someone, their home, their workplace or their school ("stay away" provisions) and to stop contacting them. Victims generally also can ask the court to order that all contact, whether by telephone, notes, mail, fax, email or delivery of flowers or gifts, is prohibited ("no contact" provisions). Courts can also order the abuser to stop hurting or threatening someone ("cease abuse" provisions).

Thank You


Jason Newsted allowed from 2000 to 2010 to defamer Ines and her family at his Page: Chophouse Records.

Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always,[1] a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).

In common law jurisdictions, slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person. "Unlike [with] libel, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy."[2]

False light laws are "intended primarily to protect the plaintiff's mental or emotional well-being."[3] If a publication of information is false, then a tort of defamation might have occurred. If that communication is not technically false but is still misleading, then a tort of false light might have occurred.[3]

In most civil law jurisdictions, defamation is dealt with as a crime rather than a tort.[4]

A person who destroys another's reputation may be referred to as a famacide, defamer, or slanderer. The Latin phrase famosus libellus means a libelous writing.

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