Monday, September 27, 2010

Luna's Husband said: "Jason Newsted is Obsessed with Luna but She is Gone..."

Jason Newsted was obsessed with Internet

Luna's Father and Husband said this about Jason Newsted:

"Jason Newsted is Obsessed with Luna,

Jason Newsted named one of his "Best" painting "LUNA".

Luna did not know about Jason Newsted. But,  Jason Newsted can not stop thinking about Luna.

Jason Newsted has only a few Fans, one of them said how come he named LUNA to one of his paintings.

Jason Newsted said and talked about Luna on You Tube.

Jason Newsted ex friends talked about Luna for years,

There are 3 Musicians from San Francisco:

-Dylan and Adam Donkin talk about Luna

-Andrew Gomez talks about Luna.

-Mike Soss or something talks about Luna.

I guess Jason Newsted did not understand that Luna passed away.

Luna did not know Jason Newsted, Dylan Donkin or Mike Soss.

Luna did not know about Metallica.

Same with Inez. My niece Inez did not chat, did not have "My space or Twitter". 

Luna did not have a computer  and she died from a heart attack..."

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