Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lawsuit against Gary Thomas Oconnor

Ines Nigro Stalker,

Gary Thomas Oconnor, Treeguy07

Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Parte 4

Donna wishes Ines Nigro dies, Donna is Jason Newsted's friend from Montana, Miami & Walnut Creek, San Francisco.

Nicole post photos of this Donna. Nicole said she misses Donna, Jason and Montana..You can find at Nicole´s blog: http://abunnyaday.blogspot.com/

Click here: http://abunnyaday.blogspot.com/2009/09/been-missing_3814.html

September 2, 2009
Been Missing...

Montana lately

... and Jason riding his bikes, the smell of the mountain air, my friend Donna and the sound of the wolves.
Last summer seems so far away! I am having one of those "I can't believe August is over" moments...

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Donna said:

She wishes Ines Nigro dies

She wishes Ines Nigro die from a heart attack

She wishes Ines Nigro dies in a Buenos Aires Clinic

She wishes Ines Nigro to get killed by a car and then Ines Nigro´s body be food for cats and dogs

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