Sunday, March 25, 2012


Jason Curtis Newsted haciendo apologia de la
PEDOFILIA.  Hacer apologia y/o publicidad de la Pedofilia es un DELITO FEDERAL.  Jason Curtis Newsted podria ir preso por este hecho. 

La remera dice: ¿Niña, no quieres un caramelito mio? 

La remera que usa Jason Curtis Newsted en esta foto dice: PEDOFILE (PEDOFILO). 

En la remera se puede observar a un lobo tratando de "besar" a una niña. La remera esta a favor de la PEDOFILIA.

Respuestas a Gabriel y Edward (son de California), dos fanaticos de Metallica que nunca soportaron a Jason Curtis Newsted:

Yes, Jason Curtis Newsted is SO ugly it HURTS...

Yeah, he is VERY Insane. He does not like women...

Si, Gabriel, menos mal que no esta mas en Metallica... Los integrantes de la banda se sacaron un loco de encima ;)

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Brazilian Metal Musician- said...

Hello Inuska's parents:

I would like to give you some details about Jason. We used to get drunk in MONTANA, USA. I know him very well.

Jason Newsted real last name is SMITH SLAGER NEWSTED. Nicole Leigh Smith is his niece. Jason Newsted was very ugly at the time- he got a lil better, but he is white trash and ugly.

Be careful with Nicole, she is a lunatic and she's depressed. She takes pills.
Newsted is gay. He got married to a guy named MARIO from Tiburon California.

Do not let Newsted tour in Europe. He is a pedophile. Newsted is a heroin addicted. HE'S DANGEROUS.