Monday, August 13, 2012

Answers to Ryan: YES, "Treeguy07" is Jason Newsted's friend: THEY ARE A TEAM


1) His english is from a person who is from Argentina or Europe (Balcanes)

2) He said  "you toy me"  instead of   "you play with me"

3) He said: "LUNA, you invented everything and spread all over the internet" instead of   "you made up lies"

4) He said: "Luna, you are obssesion with me"  instead of   "You are obsessed with me, Luna"

5) We have phone calls from Elizabeth/Lisa/Nicole/Rachel (Nicole used this 4 names). Nicole is Jason Newsted's niece. She is insane. Newsted used to say that he had a girlfriend named "Lisa".

 6) We had the phone calls from "George", "William" and "Eric" (Newsted and Oconnor used GEORGE, WILLIAM and ERIC as a fake nickname), from 2001. He called to Buenos Aires and said: "Ines pick up the phone, come on, pick up Ines, Ines,

7) Ines was living in USA in 2001. She was not in Buenos Aires. 

8) I read the emails- His favourite band is Rush, a canadian rock metal band.
He used to play the guitar. He likes bikes. He lived in Canada and Alaska. He loves the ocean and fishing. 

9) Amelia sent me messages from Yahoo, 2012, He said:
"I still love Ines, but she is not worth"

10) Yes, "Treeguy07" hired hookers who were taken from their homes. He almost raped a woman.

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