Saturday, June 6, 2009

Email from a concerned Jason´s fan to artist Ines Nigro.

The email was sent to an art gallery´s email address.

may 21 2009

"Hi Ines:

My name is Ana, and im from Uruguay, South America.

I usually go over the site The Chophouse, because im a Jason´s fan.
I saw a topic posted at Chophouse Lounge and lots of people were
talking about
you and that you are that true? Are you ok?
I didnt understand very much what they were talking about, but please
reply my
message and tell me if you are ok.

Cheers from far away,



Anonymous said...

Que lindo!!! Very sweet!! Inés was stunning as a child. Very beautiful.
Hugs to Inés, John from USA

Anonymous said...

It is not Jason , its a billionarie or more? american politician, a very powerful man who is in love with Inez since 9 years ago,
yes Inez met in art and touring many rock stars who loved her or liked her and she met Jason and Dave
But the ONE is the politician, not the rock musicians,