Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chat, read it. Words speak for themselves

Chat Script:

Treeguy07 talking of Jason Newsted. This happened.

More to come. You people have no idea!! Its very sad. Thank you!

school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:15:52 a.m.): why did you call jason a coward?
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:16:01 a.m.): jason
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:16:20 a.m.): while having money and power and many women available to him
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:16:24 a.m.): chose sol ines or ines nigro im lost but
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:16:43 a.m.): and then when he got home and thought about the reality
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:16:48 a.m.): he became afraid
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:16:54 a.m.): afraid of what?
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:00 a.m.): and so he choose nicole
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:07 a.m.): no honest love
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:10 a.m.): just sex

treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:13 a.m.): and control
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:19 a.m.): not the real thing
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:17:21 a.m.): what do you mean he back home? where jason was when het met sol online?
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:17:25 a.m.): control?
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:17:31 a.m.): control nicole you mean?
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:34 a.m.): when ines make me to look at myself
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:17:39 a.m.): I was afraid too
school_times17: (09/07/2009 12:18:44 a.m.): who you Jason?
treeguy07: (09/07/2009 12:20:47 a.m.): Yes me
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:20:50 a.m.): but i won't speak of nicole i dont want to hurt her more

school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:20:55 a.m.): he/you hurt nicole and sol and ines..
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:20:55 a.m.): use power to control women he is trouble
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:20:56 a.m.): too
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:20:58 a.m.): one thing sol/ines taught me about our different cultures
school_times17: jury will see jason do this to nicole and sol ines..
treeguy07: was that relationships are different in our countries
treeguy07: i was humbled many times by sol's humility
treeguy07: getting back in touch with the true humanity of yourself is very powerfull
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:20:49 a.m.): ?
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:20:53 a.m.): nicole is jason Martyyr?
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:20:55 a.m.): yes martyr
treeguy07: jason and nicole split us as a "couple" only one and half month ago..
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:24:14 a.m.): why do you say jason love Ines Nigro then?
treeguy07: what i meant was
treeguy07: in the last ten years
treeguy: jason's life was filled with sol'ines's presence.
school_times17: what??? jesus!
treeguy07: nicole hated her because of it
school_times17: poor Ines. She does not even love Jason.
treeguy07: Jason is still in love with her. Their love was real not fake american way.
school_times17: I see....poor Nicole then!
school_times17: why does not she leave JASON then
school_times17: if jason loves Ines
treeguy07: jason had the shame of watching a woman decline
treeguy07: wanting to remedy his mistake
treeguy07: wanting Sol
treeguy07: jason is a coward
he could love her
treeguy07: but he was not man enough to be with her
school_times17: then jason girlfriend is living a LIE?! poor her. so what feel Jason for the Real Ines Nigro?
treeguy07: no Ines is not jason's platonic love

treeguy07: Ines is Jason's impossible love. he will always love Ines. he wanted and wants ines be his wife and mother of his kids. but he tought Ines would reject him. and she did. and he is ego. he wont tolerated ines rejecting him.
school_times17: Ines Nigro liked Dylan Donkin. They were friends. Ines Nigro would married Dylan hes very handsome. She does not like Jason.
treeguy07: I know. Dylan got the looks. Jason the money but Ines has the money, fame and beauty.
school_times17: Dylan Donkin had a strong connection with Ines Nigro, same artistic families, both were young, artistic, hes very handsome, shes very pretty. I read Dylan Donkin and Ines Nigro emails. They are friends. She respects Dylan alot. He does respects her alot. I see Jason was jealous of Dylan and he saw Ines would be with someone like Dylan and not Jason IF of course Ines would had been single. She is married so...
treeguy07: Jason always use as excuse his music for not being married or having kids, well hes not married because he can´t be with Ines. He has no kids because he cant be with her either. But hes very private not even his family knows this. We know from his best friend. The calls, the recording and chats. and most important Jason calling Ines for a few months telling his love for her, ines being stress for this, Fbi saw the recording voice, it was same voice, jason´s voice not 90%, but 100%!! and well jason friend phoned Ines alot he betray Jason, they betray jason. jason´s friend told Ines many things....
school_times17: i know they betray jason!! that's why INES knows alot and understands now. but she never like or love jason. poor jason too! ha! Jason used Sol and Jason used Nicole...jesus jason jesus. he ruins him self. he ruined Sol...

treeguy07: Jason gives money to Nicole and she helps him. fake relation ship if we are thinking about real love, true love i mean a love to get married have kids cause Jason always wanted this but with Ines, she the One, alot of Great almost but no the right one to marry or have kids, the right one is Ines but shes taken....he will tell Nicole lies always too. He is weak but I'm sorry for him...he was abused by metallica but he had no right to abused Sol´s heart and hurt her feeling the way he did...she was a minor and a virgin..
school_times17: well he was in love with Sol and was real but he hurt her and she got sick i mean her body got sick so Sol is the poor one here even Nicole is living a lie...poor SOL i cant believe but Jason did not have the power Ines had/ has, political contacts, her world wide family/friends all politicians, billionaires, her jury friends, lawyer friends who love Ines and will do it for free , any sue Ines wants to do!! they love ines and know her since shes a child. they will do anything for ines because they want not because ines will ask it for. the museums owners, galleries, collectors all around the world will stand by ines too they know her since shes a babe they love her like she is a niece or a cousin. she does not even need to ask...her banker friends...i can go about this all night...

school_times17: Jesus i see now....
school_times17: hahaha
school_times17: this is like a movie, sorry i should not laugh...poor Sol....
school_times17: about rejecting yes Ines would decline on jason
treeguy07: thats what sol said all the time
school_times17: how did he know'???
school_times17: Ines would say to jason No sorry jason byebye jason byebye?
treeguy07: jason can not control ines its about his ego ines has more power and she can control jason with her money fame beauty power, politicial banker connections and Ines could leave jason any time for a hot man with alot money ( ines friends she knows since shes a child ). so jason needs someone to control. pretty lame. Jason told this so...he even said it so...his words....
treeguy07: I cannot believe she is dead, sol....
treeguy07: i can't believe you let luna die
treeguy07: i almost drove all night long to save her
treeguy07: i wish i would have now

treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:04:53 a.m.): do you know of a fan who is at large and one of the ring leaders
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:33 a.m.): you know i think lars is no friend
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:04:58 a.m.): yes
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:04:59 a.m.): ok
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:05:02 a.m.): in golden brigde...and large fan? leader? yes Toby....i know...
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:03 a.m.): she told me this
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:06 a.m.): yes
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:05:09 a.m.): metallica sick hater fan wants jason and ines die togheter in san francisco, fbi say yes sure nutcase!
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:05:09 a.m.): but the metallica fan wants to be there
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:10 a.m.): ok
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:05:13 a.m.): ines and jason jumping to the river
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:14 a.m.): jesus
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:19 a.m.): i am not insane i knew this
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:47 a.m.): be carefull
school_times17 (09/07/2009 12:05:47 a.m.): ok i will
treeguy07 (09/07/2009 12:05:51 a.m.): with lars, carefull


If you find them be careful and send us an email with details. They chat under these ids in many chat rooms-forums-metallica forums-jason newsted forums. Ines Nigro stalkers from USA who are living in Buenos Aires use argentinian IP address/ internet service provider from Argentina & their computer name is: INES NIGRO or INEZ. It does not mean its the REAL Ines Nigro. Thank You!

We can not post personal email address for now from the bassist. We can not post all the emails either. We will post everything about the bass player and Ines Nigro Love relation ship. They had a long distance one. Very pure and deep. But this man kept Ines Nigro as a secret and hide her from his world & women or woman. His name is not Jason. In this thing Jason has nothing to do with it. We will post later when we are allowed about Jason Newsted loving Ines Nigro.

This is what we are allow to post for now. Nothing really...You will see everything soon. Let evil people speak on here. Do not get mad. They are sick people and still come here & post. Let them speak. This way we will find them. Do not bother to fight with them. We get 50 emails every day. Then we post what we can. Do not worry. Justice is taking care of this people. Justice is reading this blog. Mean people is sick so they do not care and they dare to come here and post. Better for us. We are after them. We found many evil men thanks to this blog. We will find more of them. Thank You!

Someone saying he is " JASON NEWSTED": yahoo chat/yahoo team/ message to Ines Nigro.

dailybeard (10:43:16 a.m.): Ines..I have a confession.
dailybeard (10:43:26 a.m.): I am Jason Newsted.

dailybeard (10:44:34 am ): Im in love with Nicole

dailybeard (10:17:42 a.m.): I have written poetry in the past. I played the electric bass for 25 years..but I have stopped. I make ink drawings and marker art. I attended cooking school and I was a professional cook for many years. Now I just relax a lot.. My life is tranquil like a still lake.

dailybeard (10:30:23 a.m.): I enjoy a nice bottle of wine.
dailybeard (10:31:41 a.m.): I enjoy a nice shiraz from australia..generally..something fruity and direct...simple
dailybeard (10:44:55 a.m.): If you would take your medication you would realize that I am the original Newsted..the greatest Metal-player ever.
inessol_80 (10:44:57 a.m.): drink
dailybeard (10:47:14 a.m.): If you would take your medication, you would realize that Dave is my brother.
dailybeard (10:47:17 a.m.): names can be changed.
dailybeard (10:47:47 a.m.): People in my family have changed their names in order to help me acquire your love.
dailybeard (10:47:52 a.m.): You must adore me.
dailybeard (10:49:19 a.m.): I pity you, Ines. the answer is right before you...expressing your love to me..yet still you are too afraid to do it.

inessol_80 (10:49:27 a.m.): in argentina is legal to marry your uncle
dailybeard (10:50:19 a.m.): Unless you can express your love for me..I have to go.
dailybeard (09:52:53 a.m.): I believe I used to be your fan...tis true. i am not certain if I am anymore.

inessol_80 (09:53:30 a.m.): Have you seen me dancing?

dailybeard: (10:54:56 p.m.): I used to live in Jupiter, Florida. I still have my ranch in Montana. At the moment im in San Francisco....
dailybeard (01:01:24 p.m.): I can have any woman I want.
dailybeard (01:00:47 p.m.): Pretend you are Ines..and le's fuck.
dailybeard (01:02:07 p.m.): Ines has pimples.
dailybeard (01:02:10 p.m.): that is unattractive.

dailybeard (01:00:20 p.m.): No..I am Jason newsted.
dailybeard (12:57:13 p.m.): I want you to PM nicole and tell her this.
dailybeard (12:57:19 p.m.): her ID is herald.hardrada

dailybeard (12:56:11 p.m.): I only care for you sexually.
dailybeard (12:56:17 p.m.): I am sorry I am wealthy.

dailybeard (12:54:50 p.m.): I bet you are getting wet right now..thinking about that hot dogcock plunging into your pussy.
dailybeard (12:53:29 p.m.): yes..I will marry Ines..but I will fuck you whenver I like.
dailybeard (12:42:54 p.m.): Maybe I can marry Ines..but you and I can just fool around a little bit.
walnut_flower_yale18 (12:43:01 p.m.): NO

dailybeard (12:45:53 p.m.): I want you to be my sexual partner.

Mean-dangerous message about Ines Nigro. Justice is taking care of this.
dailybeard (04:11:56 a.m.): Yes..I'm waiting for her to pass so we can all breathe easy.
dailybeard (04:12:08 a.m.): We are going to sell her eyes and liver to a chinese man.
. I wish Ines die, Nicole wishes Ines to die also. We are waiting Ines to pass away to we can have Peace.....
dailybeard (04:13:07 a.m.): We are going to take her kidney and feed it to the puppy
dailybeard (04:11:56 a.m.): Yes..I'm waiting for her, Ines, to pass so we can all breathe easy. And yes Im Jason Newsted....

dailybeard (04:26:52 a.m.): These organs are going to make me wealthy!!!!
dailybeard (04:27:07 a.m.): I am going to be able to get new horse in Montana, Sula

walnut_yale20 (04:24:12 a.m.): and you cheated on her? poor nicole?
dailybeard (04:15:35 a.m.): I am kissing her right now.
dailybeard (04:15:42 a.m.): She does not know my love is a lie

dailybeard (04:16:41 a.m.): It has to do with entertainment value vs. irritation.
dailybeard (04:24:13: a.m) : Nicole likes i treat her like the whore she is ;)
dailybeard (01:04:55 p.m.): No..I have a professional dermatolotist..that takes care of my pimples.
dailybeard (01:07:38 p.m.): Nicole is worth 10 ines
dailybeard (01:12:45 p.m.): I own a ranch.
dailybeard (01:18:13 p.m.): james is a fool.
dailybeard (12:59:43 p.m.): herald.hardrada will give you the answers you seek about me. and treeguy07....
walnut_flower_yale18 (12:39:16 p.m.): always
dailybeard (12:39:17 p.m.): I think I love you.
walnut_flower_yale18 (12:39:20 p.m.): hahahaah

dailybeard (10:02:04 a.m.): A nice city. I lived in Montreal also for a short time.
dailybeard (10:01:35 a.m.): I lived in Miami for a time.
dailybeard (10:11:03 a.m.):
dailybeard (10:15:23 a.m.):
dailybeard (10:15:28 a.m.): yes.

dailybeard (10:18:26 a.m.): why does jason newsted have an obsession with you?
inessol_80 (10:18:28 a.m.): and books
inessol_80 (10:18:32 a.m.): he has not

dailybeard (10:25:04 a.m.): Donald....donna....danna donald...s....
inessol_80 (10:25:09 a.m.): what?
inessol_80 (10:25:15 a.m.): donald?
dailybeard (10:25:23 a.m.): It's a silly name.

inessol_80 (10:26:06 a.m.): do you have a girlfriend?
dailybeard (10:26:20 a.m.): Thousands of girlfriends, yes.

inessol_80 (10:26:27 a.m.): hahha
inessol_80 (10:26:29 a.m.): you mean
inessol_80 (10:26:31 a.m.): friends
inessol_80 (10:26:32 a.m.): or
inessol_80 (10:26:38 a.m.): sexual girlfriends?
dailybeard (10:26:43 a.m.): A pity I can't be in more than one place at a time.
dailybeard (10:26:58 a.m.): yes sure. Super-sexual.
inessol_80 (10:27:03 a.m.): jesus
inessol_80 (10:27:10 a.m.): typical from a rock musician
dailybeard (10:27:11 a.m.): Ines, I live a quiet life, Dear.
dailybeard (10:27:20 a.m.): My days of excitement are long behind me.
inessol_80 (10:27:31 a.m.): you were joking?

dailybeard (10:27:33 a.m.): I have done enough for my taste.
dailybeard (10:27:35 a.m.): yes I was joking.

dailybeard (10:28:00 a.m.): Are you good friends wtih treeguy?
inessol_80 (10:28:11 a.m.): he is in love with me

dailybeard (10:28:24 a.m.): yes...I am staying a virgin so that I many enter the Kingdom of heaven pure.
dailybeard (10:28:29 a.m.): may*

dailybeard (10:29:20 a.m.): I don't envy professional musicians or rock stars.
inessol_80 (10:29:26 a.m.): i dont envy either

inessol_80 (10:46:48 a.m.): i had many metal musicians after me
dailybeard (10:46:48 a.m.): Dave is my brother.
inessol_80 (10:46:52 a.m.): i rejected them all
inessol_80 (10:46:57 a.m.): dave is not your brother
dailybeard (10:46:58 a.m.): I sent Dave to he could prepare you for me.

dailybeard (01:06:01 p.m.): If you have sex with me..I will marry Ines.
walnut_flower_yale18 (01:06:06 p.m.): you will cheat on her
dailybeard (01:06:12 p.m.): no..we will have sex first.
walnut_flower_yale18 (01:06:12 p.m.): like you cheat on nicole
dailybeard (01:06:16 p.m.): then never again.
dailybeard (01:06:25 p.m.): yes..nicole likes it when I treat her like the dirty whore she is.
walnut_flower_yale18 (01:06:31 p.m.): but you want to get marry
dailybeard (01:06:36 p.m.): yes..sure.

New message about Ines Nigro, 29 june 8 am, from Wheelie to Luna Butler Newsted:

treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:38:01 a.m.): Luna are you there?
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:38:29 a.m.): i have had a chance to think about many things
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:39:12 a.m.): first i wanted to say that i should not not have called you a knucklehead
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:40:10 a.m.): the things that you told me yesterday put much of what happened since i met Ines into perspective
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:41:10 a.m.): you daid i saved you, but in fact, you saved me in a way by making ines to meet me
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:42:30 a.m.): i am not very smart sometimes
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:42:48 a.m.): and because Ines hid many things from me
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:42:54 a.m.): I could not see
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:43:09 a.m.): but when we started talking
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:43:17 a.m.): i mean really talking

treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:43:27 a.m.): she pulled me out out of myself
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:43:46 a.m.): out of a place where i was very sad and alone
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:44:03 a.m.): even she make my life drama
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:44:18 a.m.): even she drive me crazy with her way
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:44:34 a.m.): she still reach me, like no other woman ever did
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:45:16 a.m.): i can't help the fact she is sick
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:45:32 a.m.): i can't save her like i wanted to
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:45:42 a.m.): because she make her mind up
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:46:37 a.m.): i could have listened to her
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:46:45 a.m.): if she only would have asked

treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:47:35 a.m.): but my ego even i think i have it under control will make me to be away from her
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:48:01 a.m.): she said many times if we were to be together we would fight all the time
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:48:14 a.m.): i wouldn't mind that at all really
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:48:56 a.m.): but i could not change her mind about dying
treeguy07 (29/06/2009 08:52:04 a.m.): thank you Luna for making me to meet, and to find someone so special as Ines


Love Emails from bass player "J-Musicman", muscian Raymond aka Ray-Jay-musicbar01- musician George and Eric to Artist Ines Nigro :

Bass Player:musicman1----2002 june 23.

Dear Ines

You are my light Ine. You are the love of my life. I wish you marry me....You are the only woman I want. You are the One. You are my children´s mother Ine.
Love you as always, musicman

ps: i will never forget you

Ines Nigro:inessol@---------2002 june 30

Hola bass player :)). Im in Europe, in Barcelona now...I love it! I been touring alot....------------------
I told you my musicman that i dont cook anymore, i used to cook. You want to marry me but make to cook for you, wrong girl musicman, im an artist and intellectual ;)-------------------------------


Email from Raymond Barley; aka Jay-Ray-musicbar01-muiscbassist wrote january 8 2003 5 am to

Hola Ine,
Yes, I received the email. :) Thank you so much;
you're so sweet. I don't
think you're crazy-I think you're wonderful. Will
you ever visit the USA
again? Will we ever meet? I can only hope that we
will. I think of you
constantly and dream of the moment we might first
meet. Take care of yourself
and be safe as you travel.
Te amo,

--- escribió: > december 24 2002 to
Dear Ine,

It was nice to receive another email from
I'm sorry to hear you & your
father are arguing again; I hope things will
better when you arrive in
Uraguay next month. Yes, I know Denmark is
this time of year; still I
hope you're going to enjoy Christmas there
people you love.
I realize your young life has been
Ine. From our chats and
emails, I've learned much about you. Much
has visited you, yet you
persevere and this I find admirable. You
sensitive, yet strong. I wish I
knew more people like you--the world is
you in it:).
Things are well here, though I will be
the next few days doing
little else but typing essays for school. A
task, yet it must be done.
I wish you nothing but peace & happiness
holiday season. Merry
Christmas, Ine, and please let me know if I
you in anyway.
You are my Light,

--- wrote to inessol 2003 january 3
Dear Ine,

Hi, happy new year:) I hope you're well and
happy to return in Argentina.
I'm sure your family misses you a great deal.
No, I
didn't receive your email
from the 31st. It's winter now and very cold here
(but summer in Argentina:))
It's always a joy to hear from you my Light. Be
well and safe travels.

------------------------------------------------------------------- wrote to inesnigro january 2003
Dear Ine, I'm
glad your present ( Tom Waits book ) arrived safely in
Argentina. You're welcome.
I hope you enjoy the music. :) I wish you could
remember me. No, I'm not mad
at you; I don't hate you. I never have & never
will. We've never met Ine,
only on chat. It might be nice to meet if ever you
came to America, but I
assure you, my face is not sweet.
I wish you everything good dear Ine. Te amo,

----------------------------------------------------- wrote to inesnigro jan 2003
Si, I received your Yahoo Greeting-thank you!
It's a beautiful scene. Did
you pick this card because you remember how I love
the forest? Do you remember
this? We've chatted a little about forests-my
favorite places on earth.
Thank you, my Light,
be well and be safe,


Email to Ines Nigro from a man named Jason: wrote to, 2002
. His REAL name is Eric. Eric is a metallica fan and jason´s hater.

Hola:):):) I am so sad for you :( You tell
not to worry when you
live on the street?:( like a painter? a hippie? I worry si :( You have
you have shelter? Money?
If there is anything I can do let me know. If
need money for a plane
ticket or anything I am here for you. If you
to the US too( which you
would hate now even more now that it is all
corporate republican owned
fascist country even more) Then I can send you
too for food or
transportation. I am working so i am fine with
money now and that is not a
problem as long as I work so if you need any
you TELL ME!!
I will not let one of the most precious
in my life live while
she is sick on the street:(:(
You remember this si????
Well this is my situation. My job with
pretty cool, and I
am trying to get this music job in late
November and December. After
that I will see my good crazy wild friend from
years from music in
Texas and Arizona or I will drive to New York to spend
with my brother Greg
and his Brazilian wife and daughter. I
will try to keep working
after christmas too but I know that I have work
late January or early
February with my CH company here in San Francisco. I
doing well to keep working
and my mind busy. I only get 2 channels on
television to watch so I dont
have to watch the news about Bush and how bad
country is now. I think a
revolution may come in USA if things continue in
this malo direction. I wish
USA had a CH'e. I would follow him. My God I
should be careful to say
this:P I am doing well. I get to be alone
every 10 days of work for
four days in the cabin where I stay when
else goes home to their
family and lovers:P MY lover is time alone and
read and hike in the
forest and do yoga and do my music:P
Thank you so much for the card. You carry
heart and spirit to
places I never dreamed. You inspire me to be me
even be a better person
and If there is anything I can do for you you
let me know.
Love always,


Lovely Email from Jason & Metallica fans. Thank you!

To fans who hate jason-to Dave- to Dave whos talking shit about steven from papa wheelie:

I'm not trying to cause an argument but I found this comment highly offensive. The suicidal toughts comment is very rude. Even Inez Nigro has suicidal toughts.
Im a regular at metallichicks.
I hope Dave you stop making trouble.
Why dont you go to Jason´s home? I think you are the coward one. I can understand metallica fans hating lars. Dave hating jason. But hurting someone like Inez can go too far. She has nothing to do with metallica or the problems Dave had/has with them.
I know Jason has hater fans but attacking Inez wont solve your problem, jerk.
The fact you make Inez sicker its very dangerous.
You want to blame metallica or jason but it wont work. Im deeply sorry about Inez. She is a ballerina and a painter. She does not know about metallica and their past problems.
She does not care at all.

Stop sending people to talk trash about Jason on this blog.

Metallica can sue you. Not only Inez Nigro.
You are using Inez Nigro as a tool to hurt metallica and jason. You called her asking if she could sue jason for being a lame bass player.

Many fans are worry about Inez. We called Argentina, you post her cell phone.... She is very ill. You re sick dude. Her family told me you called Inez 50 times per day asking to sue jason for being a lame bass player. Inez did not even know which instrument jason plays.

You are wise in some way, chosing someone like her. She has nothing to do with metal music or metallica. She does not know about them. She did not know metallica was a band.
She is sick, weak and is very genuine. It makes you even more evil.

I wish Inez keeps alive and you die.

you fool

Leave Inez Nigro alone

jason and metallica FANS

July 5, 2009 1:09 AM


Anonymous said...

sorry i sent this to the wrong blog?!

Inu the beauty from Argentina;
American men fall in love with argentinian women every day and they do crazy things just like Mark S. senator from south carolina :)
So any rock star will do that for Inu,


Anonymous said...

Yes dont post my name, thank you.

I understand as well why lawyers allow to post this sad...she wont see it...

no words....A. from sunny california

Anonymous said...

wow dailybeard is sick

hey if DB is pretending to be this guy Jason; he is in trouble, using someone as a Tool..

Glad to know Justice is taking care of this...however I do think Jason needs to hire a lawyer and do something about it (they re using his name in an ugly form and hurting this Lovely lady Inez.....)

God bless Inez

D. from California

Anonymous said...

Not to stir trouble but this seems like SC senator and the argentinian woman. They met in 2001.
Inez met "this" man in 2001 too.

Senator said today the argentinian woman is his soul mate. He said today: I will be able to die knowing that I had met my soul mate. But he also insists he can fall back in love with his wife?!

The same thing happened to Inez back then. The man who loved/loves Inez is American.......................

Anonymous said...


I remember Eric stalking Inez Nigro in New York City. I remember Inez calling the Police there. I remember Eric getting mad because Inez rejected him.He told Inez his family hate her because of it! Crazy!

I remember a David falling in love with Inez and then becoming crazy about her. David has long curly crazy blonde hair. Inez called him: "The Lion". I was with Inez when David stalked her for 2 months in USA. I told this to the Jury.

I remember George sending a man to Buenos Aires. This guy stalked Inez, he forced her to speak with him, she was only 20(minor in Buenos Aires); and gave her flowers and a card with George´s cell number. He told Inez: "You are the most wonderful pretty girl I ever met, give me a call". Inez was in shock and she did not like it at all. She tought it was a rude thing to do from George. She was scared. She had nightmares because of it. She hated this. Inez is not the type of girl who likes having stalkers or even rock stars and politician loving her. Because she had them All: Loving her, stalking her, using their money and power to have her.

I would like to say this:

She never like Jason. Never. Nothing personal. She never like Eric. She never like Raymond. She never like Dave. She never like James. She never like George. And She dislike Bill.

I remember metallica fan posting Inez´s photos and private number at a musician´s forum named Jason. He was Eric or Steven: Eric´s brother.

sick sick sick sick

I told Inez she had to do something about it TIME AGO but she did not care back then. She was too young, too scared. She tought they would go away: well they NEVER did. Poor Inez,

Carol from NYC

Anonymous said...

anton barj is a nasty person i hope he dies


Anonymous said...



Regards, God bless Iness

Anonymous said...

Hi; they found the 2 men in Argentina. They are sick, theres not word to say right now...jesus

ines has many art show around the world and she wont go because of this. her art will be there. she had proyects in san francisco and los angeles. her art will be there also but not her.
Her illness.......

i cant believe

Anonymous said...

one is sol she is sick.....................

ines has military training....she used to work for.............

Anonymous said...

to from s-------
no dont post my name or last name please.

WOW: 1) poor Inez
3) Poor JASON my friend
4) Poor Nicole

God bless SOL :(

Im glad Inez could saved many people and Jason too, even he does not know or he will never know

Anonymous said...

hey a musician from bay area i know of , steven is talking trash of Inez i saw his has alot of blogs and he is makin jokes about this blog and his friend told him:" only God knows..." : he meant about this quote someone post about Inez , the one: "God only knows what Id be without you, God only knows..."
and someone named jerry hamman something made a joke about it too.

I went to the lawyer here and told him this

To steven: stop talking trash about something you have no idea, if you have any email or proof show it to the jury.

Inez family knows right now STeven is doing this also Inez husband

what a jerk, call Inez mother and tell her in the face what you are saying about Inez Nigro

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It is not Jason , its a billionarie or more? american politician, a very powerful man who is in love with Inez since 9 years ago,
yes Inez met in art and touring many rock stars who loved her or liked her and she met Jason and Dave
But the ONE is the politician, not the rock musicians,

Anonymous said...

Hello: Im a Jason Newsted´s fan from LA, California. I know about Inez and her father. I have been hearing about artist Inez Nigro since 2002/03. People/fans post about her at the Chophouse web and many Jason or Metallica forums/pages.I remember once they said Inez worked for USA goverment and fans, we did not believe it , actually made jokes and gossip about Jason being a spy. But we did not know about Inez, that´s why.
Now I know about her life and i have been searching about her family since years i think Inez did something in the past and met someone very powerful. I know she meet powerful people all the time. The senator from my country, SC, said his love name was Maria. I know Inez second name is Maria. Senator did not want to say his love first and last name: just Maria. Interesting. I also know this Blog has been watching by the fbi, SC goverment dep, Wash state, Maryland, Virginia.

I know Inez looks hot. Jason fans and Nicole are jelous about Inez and her style life, that´s why the mean comments at Metallichicks. I am so Sorry about that.
They are just jelous because Inez has everthing from her family and background, i could say also she has a gift, she was born with it, its in her blood from ages ago. She does not need Jason or anyone. She will never need famous people or men´s money. But fans or Jason´s girlfriends/rock star girlfiends-wives need them to have a nice rich life or be famous.

I know american men have something with argentininian women also. James is married to a woman from Argentina. Matt Damon and Robert Duvall also.
Ted Turner? ex- owner from CNN lives in Argentina and has an argentinian girlfriend too. Simpson´s owner and artist creator Mark is dating a painter from Buenos Aires. I heard now Al Pacino has an argentinian actress- model girlfriend. Owen Wilson had an argentinian girlfriend.
Iggy pop used to have a fiance from Buenos Aires. Marky Ramones from the punk band RAMONES had a fiance from Buenos Aires. Many rock stars are married with argentinian or brazilians women.
I know Jimmy Page´s wife is from Brazil.
I can keep going with the list with famous rock star or famous american men being with argentinians. Its pretty interesting

I would like to know if Inez is a Newsted??!!??

Im sorry some mean fans hurt Inez. Im happy to know Justice is on her side. She is really pretty and intelligent-intellectual.

At Newsted fans community journal, a Jason Newsted fan page, we search about Inez Nigros artist-intellectual´s family since 1890. Its an honor knowing about them and enjoying their art.
We, Jason fans are amazed that most Inez´s family is so talent and famous at different artistic areas(dancers,painters,musicians,poets,actors,intellctuals) around the world.

I just wish Inez the best

Love XX


Anonymous said...


Yes the one is the politician not Jason.

Im concern about Inez fainting and her heart?! How is she doing???!?!?!
please answer me

hugs. Michael

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to cause an argument but I found this comment highly offensive. The suicidal toughts comment is very rude. Even Inez Nigro has suicidal toughts.
Im a regular at metallichicks.
I hope Dave you stop making trouble.
Why dont you go to Jason´s home? I think you are the coward one. I can understand metallica fans hating lars. Dave hating jason. But hurting someone like Inez can go too far. She has nothing to do with metallica or the problems Dave had/has with them.
I know Jason has hater fans but attacking Inez wont solve your problem, jerk.
The fact you make Inez sicker its very dangerous.
You want to blame metallica or jason but it wont work. Im deeply sorry about Inez. She is a ballerina and a painter. She does not know about metallica and their past problems.
She does not care at all.

Stop sending people to talk trash about Jason on this blog.

Metallica can sue you. Not only Inez Nigro.
You are using Inez Nigro as a tool to hurt metallica and jason. You called her asking if she could sue jason for being a lame bass player.

Many fans are worry about Inez. We called Argentina, you post her cell phone.... She is very ill. You re sick dude. Her family told me you called Inez 50 times per day asking to sue jason for being a lame bass player. Inez did not even know which instrument jason plays.

You are wise in some way, chosing someone like her. She has nothing to do with metal music or metallica. She does not know anything of them. She did not know metallica was a band.
She is sick, weak and is very genuine. It makes you even more evil.

I wish Inez keeps alive and you die.

you fool

metallica fan

Anonymous said...

i heard of it omg mickey

Anonymous said...

Theres a killer in San Francisco...sigh....

poor lady,


Anonymous said...

a killer? No a murderer, you mean right?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Hola: Inés was my cousin. Many lies about her status. Inés got married years ago: Yes she did. A Civil Marriage.

It was her problem if she hide it or she wanted to share it. She was very private about everything. Her political ideas had to do with it. Her family political past too.


A sad tearing heart from Europe

Anonymous said...

ahh i knew this, jason and ines phone calls .yes its his cant deny fbi prove...

jason jason...sigh

jason always send a friend to email or chat with ines to check on her. ines was not there but ines sent someone to talked- chat to jasons people and friends to check if jason was ok and to let him know she was/is ok.

it seems ines never could go away from jason, she feels guilty thats why, she saw his pain and past. jason cant forget her and cant go away from what he feels inside towards ines, very stong so real but also like a romance movie with alot of drama-...i think inez gives jason hope when she answered his phone calls or when she sent someone to talk to jason letting him know shes ok when she is sick or sicker...To me its mutual in a way, yes it seems like a movie..and its makes sense all the things nobody got about jason like something was missing/ some part of jasons life.. but ines "the secret" now fits in jasons life so right that we all understand the missing; why he never got married or had kids, why he never REALLY did both of this when it was his dream all his life... and we were tired of hearing from jason what he tells to his family or ex/ current girlfriends, jason lies to them or hides but its his problem why he does this to his family..thats why hes a pretty private guy.. so he can hide things like:Ines. and what he tells the fans (the public eye) and also the press is part false but its his problem too i dont blame the guy at all...he hehehehe jason rules, metallica is the past, jason is the future and i hope one day with ines?! why not?! ines can leave his husband right?! just a hope....i know its his dream...and sometimes dreams comes true..

oh, i used to tour with jason..hes a great guy, he was a mistery more towards women..hehe



Anonymous said...

buenisimo!!!!! Ernesto Che Guevara e Inés Nigro! si!! lo mas, hasta la victoria siempre"

Viva Cuba!

Viva el Che!



Jankies go Home, go away from Cuba!


Anonymous said...

le merde USA

yankees go home
yankees le merde

le vi from France


Anonymous said...

God, yes try to fight or sue Ines and you will have an army after army? all countries army! north korea army, usa soldiers, latinos guerillas hehehe jesus Ines...

i would not fuck with inez hehe jesus..

for some reason jury post all this here..they found something we have no idea what it is..

dont worry about jason you jasonite fans...jezz

if Ines saved jason, believe it, Ines has the power to save people- its her job...let Ines alone- she is with Justice and with the Victims in this world...FBI know what they do..Ines too..but we dont know, so let them work..
ciao ciao


Anonymous said...


I saw Inez Nigro in San Francisco. We spoke a little, she was in a Gallery...She told me she back from Miami where she has a house.

She was in Los Angeles. Now shes around here in bay area..She looks Stunning and lovely person,

she had 4 bodyguard around..She will be doing art shows in California. I bought her book in San Francisco store. Her art is amazing. Nothing like i saw in this blog. The painting i saw in this blog was made by Inez when she was 18 years old. She is 29 now..Her art is different now.

Check her art;

Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela: yes I know Inez is in US. She came with her children.
Ines has 4 kids. I do not know why she brought only 2.
and yes,Sol Ines passed away..
Did you hear anything about Luna?
Please let me know;


Anonymous said...

hey the idiot of jason newsted call his dogs SOL like joking about sol ines nigro death!! sick
and he calls his other UGLY Dog LULU or something because of Luna Butler Newsted or Lucia Newsted, sick sigh



Anonymous said...

Hi there. I was not plannin to comment on here, but i need to get this off my chest. I know Jason Newsted. When the right time comes I will talk to Jason. Not for now. My name wont be post here so my friend Jason will not know who Im..

Jason always loved Ines. He will never forget her. So its Jasons fault Not hers. I know Nicole. I saw her often. Nicole must hate Jason not Ines.
It´s Jason who was thinking about Ines. It was Jason´s heart not being able to forget Ines.

So Nicole you can leave Jason, or face the fact he will never forget Ines. You can not deny Fate, even Ines lives in Buenos Aires.
And She is in California right now.

Nicole: do not stay with a man like that if he can NOT get Ines out of his head. You should not have hate inside. You should not hate Ines. Or hated Ines. Ines did nothing to you. She does not even know you. Is Ines´fault that Jason is not able to forget her?? Not, its his fault-his problem- his heart.

I will tell this to Jason face to face soon. Im not a coward. I love Jason. Im a guy, dont take me wrong.

Ines is an amazing person- I know her very well. She is very beautiful too. But she never take it for granted. Never used her beauty.

To Jason: You can be with someone but your heart can be somewhere else, Jason´s heart was in Argentina for 7 years. Sorry. A heart never forgets....

peace and love-hugs

D from califonia

Anonymous said...

shhhh Inez is so hot.i saw her movies and photos.
hugs to Inuska , Rob from Colorado

Anonymous said...

ahem ahem what? 4 kids? i tought she had one

how is INez doing? her heart? My friend Mickey asked this question, can you tell us please. THANK YOU

Giuliana Bach from Paris living in california

Anonymous said...

Hello in the name of ines nigro:

hey wow im in shock someone is writing a book about Jason Newsted and Inez Nigro

The writer talks about Jason and Ines but if you know the real Jason N and Ines N, it is obvious the writer is talking about THEM..


I was told the lawyer knows about it.

Will I see soon a movie about them too?
Google Jason and Ines/Inez only and you will see a My space page about Jason N and Inez N..

drama romantic movie ................................!

Vivian from Portland, US.

Anonymous said...

Look at this page:

Anonymous said...

About Jason and Ines.


Woman from the other side of the world

Cast: Ines Ramos

One of Inez Nigro last name is Barros..was up??

Interesting story!


Anonymous said...

someone asked about Inez being a Newsted. Yeah she is a Newsted.


Anonymous said...


ines and jasons battte number 2?? shittttttttt
this is the shit



Anonymous said...

Nicole and andra aka crazy insane metallica jason newsted fan sadovsky id STOP FUCKING WITH INES MOTHER OK? STOP STEALING INES MOTHER PHOTOS Ok? SHE is an old woman and sick/ sicker since her daugther INES MARIA NIGRO was at risk, they try to kill her and kidnap her

STOP its illegal took copyright photos of ines and her mother taken by a famous argentinian spanish photographer

its clear you both hate ines and nicole send that andra to do it cause she was scared to do it her self, jason knows ABOUT this.


ALL Susana´s Family from CALIFORNIA

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

why george a from princeston shit university is looking this blog??? he is adolf nigros ex woman friend

i do think george from pri university who teachs shit of historian art ruined ines nigros life and he knew of her cause of adolfo nigros ex wife

adolfo nigro was getting a divorced so she sent him to hurt inez nigro

i met that george he is scared causse ines people can sue him

i know ines was abuse by his father idiot adolfo nigros family sisters brother aunts ex wife and ex girlfriend

adolfo nigros exs wives didnt allow him to put ines mother photos in his books, SICK they are ego fuckign bitches, ines mother name is susana, susan
look at Adolfo Nigros books..

adolfo nigro put dedication to his son and daugther but never inez nigro when she helped him always with his books

also adolfo nigro and ex wives didnt allow inez nigro to make art shows in argentina and fuck with her art , because these sick women envy inez nigros relation ship she had with adolfo.

fucking whores they will get sue

and they will regret all the shit they did on ines nigros grave

adolfo nigro idiot confess to his daugther ines nigro that his ex wive hate ines but aslo love her, ?! wtf.she could not help but envy and hate inez then she pretends she loves inez
shit ines record his father saying this
cause then adolfo nigros chilrens call inez nigro the liar

who lies here? fucking whores


american soldier!

Anonymous said...

i saw ines in montana with her husband , she looks like a model , shes stunning.

she left montana today

gary from montana

Anonymous said...

yes of course men love INES NIGRO
tell me, thats why an ex president of my country USA is in love with her and they had a love relation ship and also a Senator from my country also loves Ines Nigro. i will let it there..

No doubt Miss Ines Nigro is special, right?

they are using jason to over our ex president...the cia and fbi bastards..


Anonymous said...

yup Inuska saved Jason..jason has a past with metal bands many illegal things he has seen and maybe done..and they were after him but Insuka aka Inez saved him and cover him and his family

what odd thing inez meeting jason in buenos aires and then she had to save him for obvious reasons we all know. jason fell in love with the wrong person
good inuska good saving jason :)
i know you will always protect him :)

Anonymous said...

helloooooooooooooo hey i saw inez too in montana near sula..she was with odd tall guy i think her bodyguard or fbi guy..

inez with was with a man not her husband and she was making out, did she leave her husband?

shes HOT
cheersssssssss chris

Anonymous said...

ahh shhhhhhhh i knew it i saw inez in montana touching her belly al the time . i notice she was pregnant cause Inez is very tiny but big boobs and that was a pregnant belly..she was with her man..
i saw her with alot men but they are al uncles and cousins from montana around darby and sula
i know jason newsted lives and visits montana near sula , very Kool! i live in montana too but in the north lol poor ranch LOL lol and i of course spy on inez nigro :P not stalker just wanted to say hi she seem too sweet she seeem a mother, a perfect one

i would love to see ines being with jason as relatives they seem alike and they look very nice togheter. some familiar air there..
so jason newsted will be a uncle? shhhhh

i know ines has photos of jasons family with her newsted families..

congrans inez nigro newsted congrants jason newsted i hope jason newsted one day meet again her niece and now the babe :)) i will tell all my friends at metallichicks!!!!

good luck to inez nigro and jason newsted.

kisses.., jasonicfan from metallichicks forum, a jason newstead and metallica fan :D

luv you jasonic :D

id: jasonicfan

Anonymous said...


From yahoo chat old scripts and phone calls jason newsted cheated on his current girlfriend with Inez Nigro in 2001-2002 and around 2003. Then Jason always try to to see How Ines was going sending his close friends
that is why Nicole hates Inez. And i know jason met ines nigro first. then jason and inez found out both met in buenos aires in 1999 or 1998 when jason was alone promoting metallica album, they met at an argentinian music store. ines nigro when she is in buenos airess lives just 4 blocks from there and she still goes to that music store...

so Jason is a cheater

Im Jason newsted fan, im so mad at Jason

poor inez....ciaoo


Anonymous said...

Hi cat, beth here, wait i know jason was with nicole and also with ines, but ines or ines sister sol? which one?

yes jason is a cheater.

to jason: all about that speech jason made at the rock and roll bull shit to nicole it was fake because jason was a cheater. and he hurt a young vigin girl sol or ines, it does not matter. i dont like jason anymore
he lied to female fans , hes fake

bye jason :(

beth from metallichicks forum

Anonymous said...

Dear Ines Nigro:

Please let Inez Nigro know that she does not need to sue my page of jason newsted. I will just shut it down because jason is a cheater and he played both sides. he hurt a girl, very pure and genuine, she was a virgin,
im not any longer a jason newsted fan. i destroy all his cds, posters, all the things i bought at chophouse records time ago
i will keep listen to the new metallica
jason is a liar. cheater. i hope ines nigro sue him or ines nigro mother ( she seems an angel in the photos ).

im sorry for you ines nigro. i know your life was at risk because of jason fans and hater and he never even call you to help you. i think jason lied to fans all these years
hes a bastard. i already sent many emails to all jason newstd fans. they will close jason newsted fans pages. we stand by women by ines and her family. most imporant by ines mother. i know shes in US. good.
jason lost alot fans by now.

jaychater yes bye jaycheater
i will make a blog of metallica ( my fav band ) but i will talk of jason too. i will say bad things of jason now.

an ex jason fan too

Ines: i hope you have good time in US and good luck with your babe. kisses.


Anonymous said...

Say hi to Inez from jason newsted fans

My friend lives in Montana, his name is Gerard. He saw Inez around Darby,
Hugs, Kat

Anonymous said...

Hello In the name Of Ines Nigro:

Can you ask you something; why did you write Sol instead of Ines Maria?....Ines is not Sol. Sol died. Artist Ballerina/Painter name is: Ines Maria Nigro.

Facts about Jason Newsted and Ines Maria Nigro:

- They met in November of 1998. Ines was only 18 year old. He was not Touring, but promoting a metallica album. Jason went alone to Buenos Aires. They met at a music book store named: Musimundo. You can google. Its an argentinian music book store, Ines still goes there when shes in Buenos Aires. Ines Maria lives only 5 blocks from the store where she met Jasonic.

- Jason was dating and knowing a girl name Rachel 1998/1999 to 2001

- Jason and Ines later started to send emails each other gifts, phone calls, and chat..long chats..around 2001 and 2003.

- Jason cheated on Rachel with Ines Maria Nigro.

- Jason met Nicole, still he called Ines for 6 months in 2003. Jasonic told Ines Maria he was supporting $$ Nicole, and live togheter but they were separated. He told Ines Maria that Nicole paints.. Jason told Inez Maria he was paintig too and mention playing for Echobrain and Papa Wheelie and Echobrain. Jason was drunk sometimes when he spoke with Ines Maria.

- Jason asked Ines if he could go to Buenos Aires to see her. She rejected him to do it.
He told Inez about metallica breaking up, abuse past, and drinking past problems.
Jason told Ines very private things like why he really left Metallica and why he really got a divorced in 1988.

- Jason Newsted cheated on Nicole with Ines Maria too. Even tough we can argue about this because Jason told Ines Maria he was just living with Nicole but they were not togheter anymore. He was stress about his romantic situation.

- Ines Maria Nigro stood by Jason Newsted very much so. She was there for him 100%. Supporting him. She was like a Therapist for Jason.

- Around 2002 Ines Maria Nigro was touring Europe as a ballerina. She lived a long time in Europe. Jason told Ines about Elizabeth. And told Ines, Elizabeth was kind of a hippie and that she has been to China and went to see the Chinese Wall....

- Last fact: Jason called Ines for 6 months this year Feb to June of 2009. Ines asked him to stop calling her.
Jason is hurt and said Ines left him 8 times.
By now Jasonic knows Ines is pregnant..He might be more hurt.

Jason Newsted said he try to go back with Ines Nigro during 2004/05 but Ines told him she got married with Agustin. So Jason told her he could not tolerated it. Wish her the best but he was wounded with the news.

Ines Maria said to her lawyer Jason is very ego, at least with her. She said he is very nice to fans and friends. Ines Maria said Jason become more ego when Ines rejected him. She also said Jason is resentful in many ways.

Later folks


ps. Jason Newsted rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg you mean Ines is going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary event this fall at Madison Square Garden in New York City???!?!??!?!


shes friend of u2 and bono yes...

Anonymous said...

Hello: please post more photos of Inez with her son and husband :)))..after well Ines is Jasons niece :)))))

jason newsted fans :D

jasonicgurl :))

Anonymous said...

Hello In the name of Ines Nigro:
Dear Ines Nigro:
Check out this blog:

They post your photos and your son´s pics.
Its pretty sick.
I cant believe fans are soo crazy.."Jasonites".
They are saying your are Jason Newsted´s daugther. Check it out. Show to your lawyers.

Good luck. Peace & Love