Sunday, July 26, 2009

Montana man and emails to LUNA WALKER NIRO

Email from a Man Living in Montana, in 2003.

The Bass player who quit a band, had a problem with his "bones". He had drug problems. He had drinking problems.  He was in Montana when he wrote to "Ines Nigro".   

"Eric"  wrote to Luna Walker Niro (Nigro).  

Ines was living in Denmark.  She had no idea who Jason Newsted was.   Jason Newsted DOES NOT EXIST in art world. He is NOTHING in art world.  Noone knows him in USA.

"Eric" said that Ines Nigro was the Love of his Life. He said he had a friend who was a metal musician and was married to an argentinian woman. His friend used to go to Argentina to Hunt...  Eric was talking of James Hetfield from Metallica.   "Eric told Luna he had a big fight with this "James" because he had drug problems but then they could meet up togheter and fixed things up. Eric told Luna how "James" looked OK and not with red eyes like he used to look before...   "Eric" told Luna this in 2002, when NOONE knew this and it was not public or in the media...    "Eric" told Luna the same day he was going to see "James" in a Bar in California, only Luna knew...

We all know who he REALLY is. His real name is not Eric Todd Hall or George Silverman.

He sent Ines Maria Nigro gifts. He sent the Gifts to ADOLFO NIGRO's home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He sent books. He 
sent his own music.  He sent a lot of Cd's with Blues-Jazz &  Tom Waits Music.  JASON NEWSTED's favourite musician is Tom Waits.  He sent poems. He sent letters. He sent post cards from Montana, Michigan, Florida & California. Ines Nigro's lawyer has everything.   We have seen his handwriting and it's obvious who he is...  

We will post these Emails:

Bassist Emails: FROM,,,,,,

Date: January 30,2003.

--- Eric Hall escribió: 

> Hola Luna !!!
> You busy busy girl. How are you? I want to
> know all:) I know you
> return to South America soon:) I will be on my way
> back to arkansas on the
> same day the 27th:P To work more. I am in Montana
> today and saw my brothers
> physical therapist about my wrists. He gave me
> advice about things I can do
> like stretches for my wrists and braces to wear
> while working so it will
> hurt less. I will try these things this year.
> I saw the Lord of the Rings 2 again. Part of me
> thinks I am like Aragorn
> and you are Arwin the elf girl he loves like a
> dream. Maybe because it
> seems a dream to know you too and you are with me in
> spirit and my hope. I
> do hope you got the card I sent by email with the
> elephant. If not do not
> worry. This year I make many new resotuions. To be
> more about love to
> continue to be strong and more confident. Maybe to
> date, I will see. Also
> do do more yoga,thai chi and drink more water. I
> sent your package to you
> Friday and they said it will take 4 to 6 weeks to
> get to Buenos Aires. I
> hope you like it. I always hope I can touch your
> heart with my emails and
> things. You dont know how happy I am when I see that
> you are touched or
> happy to recieve things or to hear you think on me.
> It makes me feel so
> special. I look forward to the next year and to
> growing more and being
> stronger and stronger. Inside my soul:) Luna, I
> just want you to know
> love you and always will.
I will try to email you
> when I can and will be
> thinking of you. Waters seperate but twins are
> never seperate. The necklace
> i sent you I dream to see again and that is why I
> sent it to you. Bless you

> sweet wonderful traveling soul with much much much
> love:)
> Chau besos,
> Eric


Anonymous said...

Hello Ines Maria Nigro,

I used to work for the Jury you know of...Im a lawyer. I have read some of the emails. I can say I read around 100 emails. I know he is Jason Curtis Newsted.

I do not like the sneaky of this case. Alot of hidden..

Im sorry i say the name.


Diana R.

Anonymous said...

Ok, omg . thanks.yes i saw the answer omg

Anonymous said...

hi. jason is very ugly even with all his $$ he cant have a natural pretty girl or a beauty
he never had a beauty..
i was told hes GAY
californian musician

Anonymous said...

Ines Nigro will go to the Grammys too. She is the grandniece of a world wide european composer and pianist. dont worry Jason wont go to the grammys cause he does NOT EXIST anymore as a musician, metallica gave him fame and money he is nothing as an artist
and Ines family wont allow Jason to be a painter, how ever hes not a painter

i met jason a few times. he has 2 faces: one the fans / public eye
he is very ego and hes resntful
he wanted to get back to metallica and im a witness of That, ...he is a liar and yes a cheater.

Ines mother used Jason in march...someday you will see in the news and newspapers
its funny now you give jasonic a new id
jaycheater he he

i have nothing against jason but he lies sure..
actually hes not playing music. . at all

I live just 2 blocks from jason home

he is depressed , and sometimes he plays music

good luck to Ines babe . i seen ines in new york city at a cocktail last month she looks lovely with her belly and she has only one son...Ines owns a ranch, lands and houses in Montana since 2002..her family is from there

theres a chat script with Jason and Ines family member, he told her he had to leave cause his girlfriend was coming back from NY and he left abrupatly. they chatted the whole weekend, all night long. can you post that chat mister lawyer? or how ever???


Anonymous said...

ooppss sorry i meant Inez´s mother sued Jason last March.....she is in CALIFORNIA..

Inez has nothing to do with sue.her father has nothing to do with it. Inez sued metallica fans pages and forums. they post her life, cell phone, about her son and political life. thats all

Post the chat!

cheers..--- Chris

Anonymous said...

I met a guy name Ron from bay area time ago. I remember now he told me he was playing with Jason N in a band...

Ines cousin met That Ron?!!!!!

I would like to know,


Anonymous said...


Steven from Papa shit band is a hacker he is a lame computer guy not a famous Sisco company guy Like Inez´s husband . Steven hacked Legal Information from a Jury from California, SF.
The id was but it was a fake email and id from the investigation. Someone can face jail from hacking. It had to do with someone who died in Ines Nigro´s family.

Steven from Papa band is hacking Ines friends emails and ids. Its illegal too. Ines will sue Steven or Ines´s husband.

Ines´s man works as a Director of...I can not say but he runs Google, Blogger, Yahoo.
I know Yahoo inform Ines Nigro that someone named Steven...has been hacking all these emails and ids with no persmission from Yahoo, Yahoo will sue Steven, first they have to make an investigation

Steven and Jason Newsted: stop this because you are playing with fire and you gonna get burn, you are hacking Yahoo and Jury information. Nicole hacked Irene too



Anonymous said...

hhaha Treeguy07 hes insane he chats all day long and drinks every day what a loser :D
tREEguy is Ines Nigros stalker.
he told me he will hire a whore and called her INES MARIA NIGRO and yell at the whore and fucking her in a violent way. Ines sued Treeguy07, gary thomas oconnor, hes very Very dangerous. he cant do this with Ines about fucking or raping and yelling at so he will whire a whore to do this, sick! sigh. :( poor Inez Nigro...

Anonymous said...

hey google hahahahahahaahhaha

this jasonite is insane LOL

poor Inez and poor Jason!

D, from sunny california