Saturday, June 16, 2012

NewstedLvr & Solalight is JASON CURTIS NEWSTED



Los Nicks: Solalight y NewstedLVR pertenecen a Jason Curtis Newsted

SOLALIGHT: We are very surprised how you both start talking of Ines again. Do you know her? Why are you "trying" to talk trash about her? You have no idea who Ines Nigro is, Do you? We have always seen how you go saying : "what about daughters painter from Argentina?" You started talking of INES AND ADOLFO NIGRO that day, to make people speak of Ines. We saved all Metallichicks Blogs. You had said months ago: "Is not Jason going to leave Nicole because He is in LOVE with the daugthers painter from ARGENTINA?" So you started to speak of insane things: about Nicole, Jason and Ines. Ines was married to the love of her life: LUKE HIRSCH.  We also got mean messages towards INES NIGRO from SANDY DUNCAN, NICOLE SENT HER, WE KNOW THIS.. ALSO Florea, from Rumania made a post and stole a photo of INES AND HER MOTHER, Who send her to do that? Jason? Nicole? When Ines lawyer post about this, the metallica page and "jason's fan" delete it, in a heartbeat!!  The photo they stole has COPYRIGHT, WAS TAKEN BY A FAMOUS SPANISH PHOTOGRAPHER, Adolfo Nigro's BEST FRIEND. Why don't you buy a life or get one SOLALIGHT?
You write ALOT about Ines and her Stalker (treeguy07). It seems you have nothing better to do. We saved every word you said. Someone post Ines cell number for weeks over that page, It's illegal.

NewstedLVR: You are doing the same. The stalker is in Argentina. PLENTY Americans live there. Many run away from USA because they made illegal things here. You started again to talk about INES and LUNA. Don't you have a life? Can you get one? or buy one? Thank You!

About the chat, it was not a fake chat, it was the stalker and a lawyer chatting to him to see what was going on: his id is lone_wolf_2_0_0_8, if you read only what he says, his English is perfect, he is American. We will past that chat soon. Ines was next to the lawyer while he was chatting to this man from Montana. He is a musician. We have the real chat yahoo script. LUKE HIRSCH, Ines's husband worked for Yahoo. How ever, not only Ines & her lawyer were looking at that chat. It's not a fake chat. Yahoo records the ip, it says when you are getting into a chat room.


The Gypsy Poet... said...

¿Qué sabes acerca de Nicole? Yo también sé que es una locura. que destruyó su MySpace mono, junto con Andra Florea, Adela Rossing y doina popescu su página de myspace venir en pos de mí, y meta era eliminarme de la web. Tengo que admitir que pensé que tenía sentimientos, supongo, bu ahora, que es más, la historia de la boda que nunca compró. Tenía la sensación era falso. porque parecía extraño.parecía demasiado extraño y demasiado perfecto. Además, algunos otros haecome adelante y me dijeron que la boda fue una broma. incluso el propio jason Cant confiesa a él, porque él nunca menciona su nombre cuando tiene que

Former FBI said...

Jason Newsted is insane and homosexual

Nicole is his niece.

Newsted lies because he belongs to the Mafia.

Jason real last name is SMITH NEWSTED SLAGER

Nicole is a depressed woman. She has no life.

Be careful with Jason, he takes cocaine and heroin.