Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Scott and Ryan from the FBI: This is GARY THOMAS OCONNOR, TREEGUY07: HE IS A KILLER - Datos del Violador/Asesino y Acosador de Gary Thomas Oconnor

Mensaje para Scott y Ryan del FBI:

To Scott and Ryan from the FBI:

Gary Thomas Oconnor, Treeguy07 was in Jail 20 years ago. He used to draw Lions in Jail. He raped women and killed one 15 years ago. 

He stalked Luna Walker Butler.

He is the man who hurt Luna.

He was in Canada last march, but We think he is in Alaska right now.

Datos del Acosador:

Gary O'Connor

Last Phone Numbers: 360-675-2150, 360-929-0675

Last Emails:,

1714 Fort Nugent Rd, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Washington, 98277, USA

His photos and his drawings 

Fotos del Acosador y violador/asesino de Gary Thomas Oconnor, "TREEGUY07" 

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